Culture Golflight 640Company Culture Influences Employee Engagement. With "noses in and fingers out", senior leaders seek to manage risk and support the management team to maintain business momentum and align the workforce to the strategy.  A business with a track record of growth and success has been in business long enough for a culture to develop.  There are aspects of this culture that have driven success, and other aspects that are now impeding change and hampering growth.  Sound familiar?  There is a solution and failure to seek out the right approach has seen iconic brands falter, affecting shareholder value and consumer confidence.  Implementing new cultural norms in an organisation is possible.

Bringing the "Capability Framework" to life

Many companies and organisations have a capability framework to guide the development of Position Descriptions and assist in Organisation Design.  Capability Frameworks are very useful tools, however problems arise if the framework is not kept up-to-date and in current usage.  The old adage, "use it or lose it" comes to mind.

We recently reviewed the Capability Framework of a State Government organisation, and mapped the listed behaviours to well-researched and valid psychometric and emotional intelligence assessments.  We found strong similarities between the behaviours listed in the Capability Framework and the assessments that we use. This indicates that the Capabiity Framework accurately captures and describes the behaviours.  

We found 33 behaviours or characteristics that are commonly described. Each of these behaviours can be grouped within a coaching framework to develop actionable insights across 4 Domains:

Domain 1 - Personal and Executive Presence

Domain 2 - Strategy Execution

Domain 3 - Self-management

Domain 4 - Wellbeing

4 Domains

Our experience is that identifying the Top 2-3 behaviours in each Domain that relate directly to role success provides the right focus.