Yes, there is a clear curriculum that covers FOUNDATION skill-sets that are common to all managers and leaders.  That said, effective coaching programs tackle organisational challenges as soon as possible.  By focussing on the real and pressing issues, the organisation derives quick wins and in some cases this includes clearly identified and rapid capability improvements.  The coach prioritises curriculum items that are most relevent to the current challenges faced by the coachee and brings forward the right knowledge, methods and techniques in a just-in-time approach whilst ensuring that major milestones are attained.

Wellbeing - Our Foundation program assists with Health, Social Support, Work stress.  Client-centred, we are able to get the right balance between wellbeing and building on a healthy framework as we move to the develpoment of more effective high performance strategies.

Self-Management - Ths is the HIGH PERFORMANCE domain.  Expert assessment and development of confidence-building techniques that lay the groundwork for long-term success in workplace relationsips.  

Executive Presence - By supporting the core foundations, and effectively transferring evidence-based knowledge and techniques, participants bring enhanced confidence and surety to their interactions with managers, peers and co-workers.  This is a measurable and leverages the relationship between coach, participant and the organisation.  Career decisions and career alignment becomes clear.

Strategy Execution - The investment in bulding Foundations pays off with expert advice and support working in the background to support High Perfomance of core accountabilities and performance.  

 The Curriculum Roadmap is described below as part of the Aspire Global Leadership Capabilty Framework:

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