Media engagements can be booked via our Contact Page.  We are passionate about improving organisations and the positive development of culture, leadership & careers.  We do this by engaging in the media to influence government and organisational policies that reflect Our Values of Fairness, Engagement and Productivity.  Organisational Psychology research has a lot to offer in making our workplaces and Institutions more effective, to support people at work and Coach leaders through periods of change and deal with the challenges inherent in their roles.  

As well as bringing best-practice organisational science to life, Garrick shares insights from his own diverse leadership experiences including Peacekeeping in the South Pacific and East Timor, leading start-up businesses and becoming a key advisor to executives and corporations.  Work is such an important part of life and Garrick has worked with thousands of people who have experienced stressful work challenges, job changes and challenges in their personal lives.


2015 Garrick Atkin

Examples of my media involvement on corporate psychology matters: