Exec Coach SmallWe provide caring and expert assistance when you have people leaving your organisation.  We have a trusted relationship with HR and get the balance right between project management and necessarily personal support to departing employees.    


Stage 1: Initial Consultation Period

The Initial Consultation period can be a demanding time for your internal staff and your exiting employees will rely heavily on internal resources during this time.  As this phase progresses, we begin the transition to support being provided by us as we assist the employee through their responses to the immediate issues.  During the initial stage we work closely with your HR team to identify priority clients who may have complex needs.  We are also able to advise on strategic issues regarding talent identification, risk management and retention pathways.  


The 3 Career Strategies

Changes that follow organisational change can prompt consideration of self-employment, a career change or even relocation. The AspireTM Career Strategy framework provides the necessary tools to support your exiting staff during this critical period.

 Copy of 3 Career Strategies

Stage 2: Decision-making and redeployment options

To develop the preferred scenario we start with asking our clients “what are the possibilities?” We then focus on developing an agreed list of realistic, challenging goals that are in line with the goals of the organisation. (for example “To increase my understanding of constructive leadership”, or “To gain greater awareness, self-confidence and resilience in my role as leader”). This helps them establish their ‘change agenda’.

At this stage of the process we work with individuals to understand their personal context, career goals and assist those employees who may be considering Voluntary Departures.


Stage 3: Transition to Outplacement Programs

We offer 4 Levels of Outplacement depending on the needs of the business, tenure and need. These are:

1.  Premier

2. Executive

3. Manager

4. Technical Specialist


We work with our clients to determine what are the possible actions and how will they obtain what they need or want. At this stage there are many possible ways of achieving their goals and often hasty and disorganised action is self-defeating. We work with our clients to select the best-fit strategies that will suit their talents, resources, style, temperament and timeframe. This then leads to the development of a roadmap (plan) to achieve their goals.