Corporate psychology quantifies and operationalises psychological principles and practices and applies these within a corporate or business context. It focuses on the application of psychological theories and methods to address issues related to individual employees, teams, leadership, and overall corporate culture.

Organisational Review

The first priority is to gain an accurate model of the organisational in its current form. Desktop review and use of open-source information is used to generate hypotheses regarding areas of mis-alignment and best-fit models. Evidence is gathered via qualitative research and interviews with key executives, stakeholders and employees to determine attitudes toward the current state. Is the organisation fit for purpose? Has the strategic business context changed? Where are the opportunities for improvement?

Organisational Design

The new Organisational Design seeks to align each role to the best-fit model, determined from the Organisational Review.  This includes the validated process of structuring and arranging an organisation's components, including its people, roles, tasks, processes, and hierarchies, in a way that supports the achievement of its goals and objectives. It involves making deliberate decisions about how the organisation's resources are allocated, how work is divided and coordinated, and how communication and decision-making flow within the organisation. Organisational design aims to create an efficient, effective, and adaptable structure that aligns with the organisation's strategic priorities.

Change Management

Change projects require focussed leadership and deft implementation.  Inevitably, change will have an impact on people and supporting leaders and change agents through the change is critical to ensuring that the change is successful and maximising engagement.  Effectively leading change requires a clear view of the strategic imperatives, benefits, and risk and return for the organisation in pursuing the most effective business structure.  Consequently, change managers benefit greatly from the personalised and expert support of an executive coach with corporate psychology expertise and a defined model of managing people effectively.  See Aspire's 6 General Manager Principles (below).