Organisational psychologists are registered under the relevant national registration board and are bound by a Code of Ethics.  This ensures that the services provided by us are evidence-based, confidentiality is managed professionally and that each person we work with receives the care and attention you would expect from a high-quality professional services firm.

In addition to at least 6 years of formal training, all endorsements require an additional 2 years of supervised practice, totalling 8 years of training.  In that time, organisational systems training, learning and development and coaching skills are honed to provide the customer with unmatched expertise in the science of people at work.

At Aspire, we embed these skills into our Executive Coaching program to deliver upskilling and executive coaching support that delivers high value and rapid uptake by our clients.    

Executive coaching delivers results quickly and efficiently  

Executive coaching is a key strategy that provides the essential tools to support an executive, manager or technical specialist who has experienced a role change, transition or is preparing for increased responsibilites.  This is particularly iimportant when preparing for a role managing people. So often, technically proficient people are promoted based on their expertise and find the transition to a manager or leader role very challenging.

The 4 Domains of the Aspire Leadership Coaching Model match the needs of both the emerging leader preparing for their first General Manager role, as well as the seasoned executive who has been in a role for an extended time. The Wellbeing and Self-management domains support the executive to deal with the competing demands of life and work.  The program enhances the executive's ability to think strategically and understand how their thinking relates to behaviour in a more structured and effective way.

Wellbeing: In this phase, the executive is placed as the "Team Leader of his or her own wellbeing team". This empowering approach provides the coachee with the skills and professional support required to manage their relationships with their GP, organisational connections and professional advisors in the most effective way. A professional psychological approach ensures that the executive can freely explore sensitive issues that remain confidental and protected under the ethical rules of the relevant registration board.  

Self-management: This is the high performance domain and involves strengthening the ability to perform under pressure.  Typical outcomes are improved ability to manage stress,  build strategies for dealing with conflict and repairing strained relationships.

A key feature is to take a high performance sports psycholgy approach to assessing the origins of thinking styles and strengthening this capability to deliver the right behaviour within the executive presence domain. 

Providing support to valuable employees

Aspire delivers effective individual and enterprise programs for organisations that are experiencing change or seek to invest in the performance of their people.  As organisational psychologists, we bring the best evidence-based assessment and coaching services to every engagement.  

We are experienced Organisational Psychologists with key strengths and passions including: application of organisational and systems thinking to business strategy; management of major talent mobility projects; and impactful relationship building with executives and leaders.

Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) Board-approved supervisor, Member of the APS (MAPS) and Fellow of the College of Organisational Psychologists (FCOP), Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors  Course (GAICD).

The 4 Domains of Executive Coaching


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